Gmail Adds a Task Manager Feature, Sort of

For those who have been keeping an eye on Google Labs for cool features under beta testing by Google, you must have noticed a new entry into the list of beta features of Gmail simply called Tasks. This new feature as you may have guess immediately would allow Gmail users to keep track of what they need to do. In short, this is a Task Manager or To-Do Manager, or GTD, in what Google calls as a lightweight version.

It’s a pretty simple feature really, where you simply need to enable from your Gmail Settings, under the Labs tab. Once activated you can start addings tasks you need to do right within your Gmail. Just as simple as that. You don’t even need to click on Save tab, Gmail saves it automatically.

But the coolest thing is that this Gmail Task Manager allows you to convert emails into tasks. To do this, all you need to open the particular email you want to convert into a Task, Select the More Actions tab, Select Add to Tasks and that’s it! Gmail will display the Task window where the new entry is entered.

If you have multiple tasks converted from Gmail while checking your Task manager, you can easily go to a particular email by clicking on the Related email link.

It may seem a pretty simple feature, but it could spark new interests to Gmail and attract new users as well. If Google will take this new feature seriously and add some more enhancements to it, then Gmail could possibly threaten the userbase of other web-based email platform.