Glympse Location Sharing App Now Available For Windows Phone

Glympse is a location sharing app, and it was the most important of the apps that I used on my Android smartphone during my recent trip to visit family and friends. If you have a Windows Phone, are traveling soon, or otherwise have the need for other people to see your current location, you can get a free copy of Glympse from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

During my trip I drove to my friend’s house in Milwaukee, WI, which is four hours away from where I live and requires driving through Chicago. If you are familiar with Chicago, you know that the traffic there can be unpredictable, so my arrival in Milwaukee could vary significantly.

I started the Glympse app on my phone, entered my friend’s e-mail address, specified the length of time for the “glympse” to last, and sent it. While I drove the Glympse app transmitted my location in near real time to their servers, where my friend could see my location. If he checked my location using a PC he could see my movement, just as Google Maps shows, although he could also check using the web browser on his smartphone, in which case a picture is refreshed every five minutes with the location.

I like Glympse because it doesn’t require the people who I want to see my location to have any special software on their computer. It allows me to specify e-mail addresses and control how long the location information is on Glympse’s servers. Best of all, the application and services is free. If you have an Android smartphone, you can find Glympse in the Android Market, and a version is also available for the iPhone.