Glue: Become a Guru and Get Free Stuff

Glue, the self-dubbed “social recommendation network,” has made some cool changes to its Guru program, enabling Glue users to compete for free rewards, including books.

Here’s more from our sibling blog GalleyCat: “The social suggestion site will now reward active users, or “gurus.” Check out Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol on Glue to see how it works. Like Wikipedia with prizes, fans are awarded points for interacting with other fans and writing about the Brown’s bestseller. The site is still young, so avid readers still have time to grab a guru spot on the site.” (GalleyCat also notes that “Glue is not giving away The Lost Symbol. The book was only used to illustrate the guru program. They are giving away You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto.”

Here’s more from Glue: “Glue Gurus will be eligible to win movie tickets, books and more. We have partnered with Universal Studios, Random House, Hachette, Harper Collins, Willey and others…To qualify to be the Guru you need to like, comment and reply on an object. Once you qualify you enter the competition with other users to be the guru of this books, movie, album, etc. The competition is based on points, where you get points for Replying to other users. You also get bonus points for being the first to comment, first to reply in a thread and also for joining new threads.”