Glu Wants You To Save Gotham

With the launch of one of summer’s most anticipated flicks mere days away, Glu Mobile has launched The Dark Knight mobile game, based on the film that hits US theaters on July 18.

To fight the chaos sweeping over Gotham City courtesy of The Joker, gamers become Batman. As the action hero, players get to use all sorts of cool weapons, gadgets and combat maneuvers like Batarangs, grappling hooks and stealth abilities.

Along with the game, Glu also plans to offer a slew of wallpapers, voicetones, music tones and animated mobile screensavers based on The Dark Knight movie.

Batfans in North America, Asia and Latin America will all have access to the game this week; folks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa have to wait until the film debuts in those regions on July 25.