Glu Unveils Second-Half Games

As the second half of 2008 quickly approaches, Glu Mobile is gearing up to launch a bunch of new games, with release dates staggered through the rest of the year so there’s always a new game to anticipate.

The new titles for the second-half releases include games based on global brands fro FremantleMedia, Hasbro, Warner Bros. and DreamWorks, as well as Glu originals and sequels. Glu senior VP of global publishing Jill Braff promises that the line-up is “our strongest ever and truly demonstrates the depth and diversity of our studios as well as the addition of new, quality original titles acquired through Superscape.”

For a list of the upcoming games and their anticipated release dates, click continued.

Demolition Derby (July): In this game, the last car running wins the prize. Players compete against a selection of testosterone-fueled drivers and smash ’em up in a derby race. Fast-paced gameplay keeps the action rolling while up to eight cars race on the track. Drivers smash their way to victory with the most outrageous “racing” game ever.

Ice Age: Mammoth Mayhem (July): Manny, Diego, Sid and Scrat are back in their newest mobile adventure, Ice Age: Mammoth Mayhem. Based on the award-winning Ice Age films, the sub-zero heroes must work together to overcome their prehistoric world’s natural obstacles. Traveling across frozen tundra, icebergs, volcanic caves and green valleys, the unlikely team must help their smaller friends survive the world’s first migration.

Vegas Hustler (August): Gamers live the life of a hustler in Las Vegas in this exciting adventure where a true player will outsmart the shadiest characters, fall in love (or maybe just lust), and become a wealthy high roller. To make it in Sin City, a big bankroll and ruthless reputation are everything, so making big moves in blackjack, roulette and craps is essential.

Hamster Mansion (August): Players guide their Hamster through the dangerous depths of the city and collect items for Hamster Mansion, a long-lost Hamster paradise in need of repair. It’s up to them to find the last remaining hamsters in the city to help restore Hamster Mansion to its former glory. But players must watch out for the Gophers who have moved into town and love punishing Hamsters. The only way to earn their respect is to beat them at their own game, and create the coolest spot in town: Hamster Mansion.

Transformers: G1 Awakening (September): After four million years, a volcanic eruption awakens the Transformers. Now fans can battle as the classic Transformers robots in a conflict based on the original “G1” animated TV series. Players can use the strengths of each AUTOBOTS character to defeat the Decepticons in turn-based battles. With up to 23 unique playable characters, this game is more than meets the eye.

Family Feud
(September): The original user-generated content game comes to mobile in its authentic form. Players will go up against other families in the Face-Off and Fast-Money rounds to answer fun and entertaining questions based on surveys of 100 people. Anyone can pick-up-and-play this exhilarating game which has been beloved for over half a century.

Brain Genius 2 (September): Brain Genius is back and even brainier than before. The Genius takes players through a daily dose of completely new mind exercises. Brain Genius 2 is improved with an advanced personal profile system that lets players compare performance with friends.

(October): Concentration is two games in one: matching tiles and solving a bigger puzzle. Players match the scrambled prizes behind the numbered panels to win. Each combination turns over two panels to reveal a portion of the hidden picture puzzle. After each match, players get a chance at solving the puzzle underneath, but must watch out for their opponent who is trying to solve it too. Guessing correctly will advance them to the bonus round where they have a chance to win it all.

(October): Players get behind the wheel for massive range of adrenaline-fueled racing experiences with today’s most popular off-road racing game series. To become an off-road champion, drivers must compete on challenging gravel, mud and dirt motor sports tracks right across the globe. DiRT is based on the hit video game title published by Codemasters for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
(October): All of the loveable characters are back — Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe, Gloria the hippo and the penguins in the game based on the upcoming movie from DreamWorks Animation. Players control both Alex and Marty as they attempt to save the preserve’s water supply and renew pride to Alex’s family. Players must solve puzzles, foil foes and even dance their way into the hearts of old and new friends alike.

Deer Hunter 3 (November): Players set their sights on deer, bears, rabbits and birds as they hunt around the world in the number-one hunting game on mobile. New environmental effects such as fog and snow add realism to the hunt. Gamers can jump into a career hunt or check out the new challenge mode where they overcome buck fever and other unique hunting scenarios.

The Price is Right (November): Players can start the bidding with the authentic Price is Right mobile game. They can experience the exhilaration of participating in what TV Guide calls “the greatest game show of all time.” Contestants “come on down” and play one of several famous pricing games like Plinko and Cliffhanger. They spin the wheel at the Showcase Showdown and go head-to-head to win big. Anyone, anywhere can be the next contestant on The Price is Right.

(late December): SUPERMAN/BATMAN is a side-scrolling, action adventure game that stays true to the fan-favorite comic series. Players help the World’s Finest Duo work together as they traverse the DC Universe and save the planet from complete annihilation. Users choose to play as Superman to counter opponents with powers of flight, superstrength and heat vision. Select Batman to stun adversaries with agility, gadgetry and martial arts.

Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rescue (December): Help Bugs Bunny escape some hare-y situations in Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rescue. Marvin the Martian, Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd and others have trapped Bugs in a series of devious puzzles. Players use logic and cartoon smarts to outwit Bugs’ legendary Looney Tunes foes and rescue the wascally wabbit.