Glu Reveals Summer Game Plans for Europe

speed-racer-2D-xs.jpgGame developer Glu Mobile has released the line-up of games it plans to launch in Europe for summer enjoyment – and it’s a pretty hot list.

Mobile Entertainment reports that Glu will offer up eight new titles over the next couple of months, including tie-ins to blockbuster summer flicks “The Dark Knight” and “Speed Racer.”

The other games include a resurrected Atari Super Breakout and Glu originals Super Political Boxing, Brain Genius 2, Race Driver: Grid, Wedding Dash and Get Cookin’.

No word on when or if Glu will make the titles available in the US. Hopefully we’ll see some of them on this side of the pond before too long. Wouldn’t it be fun to play something called Super Political Boxing while waiting in line to vote in November?