Gliph Lets You Create Create Anonymous, Disposable Email Addresses

There is a new service which is getting a lot of attention this week. Gliph solves one of those first-world problem; namely, protecting your email address. As the Matt Honan hacking fiasco showed us, our email accounts are the center of our lives, They are are key to everything we do online, so anything you can do to increase their security is a good thing.

Or you can look at it another way: It’s time to get your secret agent on.

Gliph offers a free faux email account for each new user. Once set up, that account will both send emails to whoever you like as well as bounce replies back to whatever email service you normally use.

Now I don’t know about you, but one faux email account isn’t enough. I’d like to have at least one more so I can use it to disguise signups on services that I don’t trust; a lot of companies now sell off those emails and I don’t need more spam. Gliph will give you another email address for each person that you sign up. Convince 5 friends to join and Gliph will enable you send attachments via their service.

Gliph is available as a free app for iPhone, Android and the service also has a mobile website.