Glam Media Launches Brash Site for Boys and Men

Glam Media has been known for its women-centric content and ad network. So, it is kind of surprising that the company is launching a new content and ad network this time catering to us males – whether you belong to the boys or men’s category. The site branded as aims to be the major content network for anything and everything Men’s fashion, lifestyle and glamour. is geared for men 18-49 years of age and is being marketed as a male-focused lifestyle and entertainment online hub, like it’s sister site, Brash is categorized into five channels namely:

  • Lifestyle which covers fitness, Style, Travel, Food and Drink
  • Entertainment which covers music, TV, games, and movies
  • Tech featuring PCs and Macs, Gadgets and Audio
  • Auto featuring SUV, Sports, luxury and Sedans
  • News which features politics and tech, world politics and US politics

Now, if you’re wondering why Brash seemed to have left out video, don’t fret because Brash has its own channel for featuring DRM-protected video distribution channel known as BrashTV which takes the platform used in GlamTV.

With a big network backing you up, it is but expected that Brash would also have the support of major content partners of Glam Media. So, the site is currently well featured with various male-related content that you can possibly look for.

The question is, would a male-catered content and ad network such as Brash be as successful as its female-centric equivalent? Will this kind of site appeal to men, whether fashionistas or geeks so much so that site traffic would be as much as

That would be interesting to find out. In time check out and see if it appeals to you. The sleek, svelte black theme of the site connotes an air of sophistication, glits and glamour that might turn some of you tech males though. Consider this as a warning. Otherwise, enjoy the site like I did.