Gizmodo Was Wrong!

Do you recall the hot story from yesterday about magazine subscriptions on the Kindle? It turns out that there’s no story.

Gizmodo posted a brief article yesterday about what happens when you cancel a subscription on your Kindle. According to G’s source (who was wrong), all back issues were deleted when the subscription is cancelled.

This simply is not true, and it didn’t even sound true yesterday. I set the story aside until I could find more information. Luckily for me, Andrys Basten of A Kindle World blog knew better. Her explanation is rather long,  so it is embedded after the break.

NEVER, though, have back-issues on a Kindle been deleted in my experience due to cancellation of a subscription.

I subscribe to a few periodicals and still have old issues I wanted to keep although I cancelled the subscriptions. They remain on that Kindle after cancellation. Mine go back to 2008. ‘Gaby’ or someone relaying bad information to her is probably confusing inability to GET back issues onto another Kindle or doesn’t understand you need to opt to “keep” very old ones as they pile up.

TODAY (ever since the Kindle app for Android), each of my Kindles on the same account has access to each current issue, and the main Kindle designated gets the current issue on the Home screen while the other Kindles have the most recent issue-titles in their Archived-Items folder. You click to download them if you want.

With old issues (beyond the last 7 issues released) not kept on Amazon servers, you can’t (re)download old ones to any Kindle. So if you want to keep these nowadays, on each of your Kindles, you should download current ones to each Kindle that you want used to read them. They’ll remain there, with one exception that’s part of the periodicals process.

If the Kindle owner reads the User’s Guide, the owner will know that to keep your Kindle free of massive daily-newspaper build-up, on a device with a folder for ALL subscriptions, Amazon gives you a warning when a very-old issue is about to be auto-deleted from the Kindle. It’s marked like this: “(!)” and you get a few days to click to KEEP the issue forever.
These older ones are kept in “Periodicals” folder for awhile, as I said. You have to look in there to ‘manage’ your subscriptions.

If Kindle owners don’t read the manual and don’t know this, they will think the old issues just disappeared. Most don’t actually want to keep older editions of newspapers. But I do want to keep the New Yorker magazines. So I do. I also keep many NYTimes so I can search the Kindle for articles on a given news topic.

image by EssG