Gizmodo Demos Zune HD in Video: But, Where’s the Browser?

Zune HD Video Hands On from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

YouTube video courtesy of Gizmodo

Competition is good. So, if the Zune HD gives Apple’s iPod touch some much needed competition, I’ll be happy. One of the Zune HD features mentioned earlier that interested me the most is the web browser since that’s the feature I use the most on my iPod touch (it is my portable web browser when I’m at home).

But, take a look at this Zune HD video tour that Gizmodo takes us on…

Zune HD Hands On: Photos and Video Tour

They do a pretty good job of sampling the major features. Go ahead and take a look at it. Did you notice what is missing? Yep, no web browser. I’m guessing that this because this is a prototype with early firmware. But, still… you would think a major feature like the browser would be included even at this stage (when the public is shown working units).