Give the Feds Full Access to Your Phone Activity With USA PRISM Android App

Cashing in on the NSA’s surveillance scandal, app developer Fergus Macpherson has created an Android app that lets you assist the NSA in its spying efforts.

The USA PRISM app will randomly take shots of your phone and tweet them directly with the National Security Agency, and your friends, giving you the ability to prove that you aren’t doing anything illegal with regular shares to the NSA with the hashtag “My #USAPrismPlus random security check.” Or perhaps the app is designed as an aggressive protest against the NSA’s practices, designed to overwhelm the security agency’s Twitter account. Check it out:

Photos taken from your mobile phone without your awareness will be used to determine that you are not engaging in illegal activities. Your activities can be verified by members of the community on Twitter, or you can send the photos straight to the National Security Agency for extra verification.

(Via CNET).

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