Give More Depth to your Social Networking via M3 Mobile Social Networking Site

m3mob.pngWe could have included M3 mobile social networking site to the list of mobile social networks we posted last month had it been launched then. M3 just launched today in beta mode and all I can say the moment my web browser loaded its portal is that M3 looks cool and promising.m3mobhome.gifSo what is M3? The PR says it’s a free location based service in London that takes social networking from behind the scene and brings it face to face. In other words, M3 is a unique mobile social networking site that aims to facilitate face-to-face connections for people to socialize and more. M3 is available to anyone in London with a web-enabled mobile device.

Here are the fun stuff that you can do at M3 mobile social network:

  • Post your profile and pictures, create albums
  • Post updates on your location and activities
  • Search for other M3 users based on their location
  • Make free — ad supported – ‘double blind’ calls to people you want to know better (M3’s feature that allows users to speak to one another–without revealing identities)
  • Gain exclusive access to sponsors venues and events
  • Block other users you do not wish to receive messages / calls from

M3 also promises to introduce more features in the future such as:

  • Create and join groups and invite others to join
  • Use “voice-to-text” to capture your spoken messages and convert them into text (for speed and convenience when messaging other M3 users)
  • See news about the latest events hosted by users’ groups — and M3.
  • Post your videos…and more

That’s an awful lot of stuff from a newly launched social networking site. Will other countries have access to the social network? M3 plans to have a New York launch sometime in May. Now that’s something to watch out for by our Rotorblog readers in the U.S.