Giant Magazine: Prescient or horseshoe wedged somewhere?

Talk about your gets from God – in its fifth issue, still-new men’s title Giant Magazine scores a major coup for their summer issue cover with Katie Holmes, the sudden new ladyfriend of Tom Cruise.

Holmes tells Giant, and the world, that “I’m not as sweet as you think I am.” No word on whether that means she’s reneged on her pledge to stay a virgin until marriage, which by the way totally ruins the whole Pacey-Dawson thing for us (and, if true, probably didn’t do much for Chris Klein, either).

The cover story was finalized back in February, months before the liaison with Cruise spiked interest Holmes (and while she was still engaged to Klein). Giant, still sans EIC since Mark Remy stepped down last month, should see a bump in its recent single-copy sell-through rate of 14 percent. Congratulations, Giant!