GetGlue Partnering with HBO

Startup GetGlue and Time Warner’s HBO are partnering on a campaign that will offer stickers to users that “check-in” while watching HBO programming.
GetGlue is a check-in service, similar to Foursquare. But while Foursquare is focused on having users “check-in” to physical places, GetGlue lets users check-in to media, like television, shows, books and movies.
Much like Foursquare awards “badges” for meeting certain goals, GetGlue offers stickers. Unlike the Foursquare badges, GetGlue will actually mail out physical stickers to users that earn them, if they so request.
For the deal with HBO, GetGlue created custom stickers for “True Blood,” “Hung” and “Entourage.” To earn some of the stickers, a user simply has to check in to the show a certain number of times. For others, they have to accomplish certain secret tasks. HBO will be offering clues to unlock other badges, like the “True Blood” “Ultimate Trubie” badge, through its Twitter and Facebook pages.
Users will be able to check-in to the HBO shows and start earning badges August 1 via the GetGlue iPhone app or
GetGlue has previously partnered with PBS and Showtime, and recently created a sticker for Universal Pictures’ “Despicable Me.”