GetGlue Adds Real Time Chat To Their Android App

Earlier this week we wrote about the new real time conversation feature that has been added to GetGlue. While the capability has been available for iPhone, it just became available in the Android version of the GetGlue app.

If you are not familiar with it, GetGlue is sometimes referred to as the “foursquare for media” because it is a check-in app for television shows, movies, music, and books. It provides a way for you so share what interests you in these areas with your friends. The new conversation feature is integrated with the check-in process.

When you check-in you are given the option to add a comment about the item, which your friends will see in a Twitter-like timeline that appears immediately after you submit your comment. Unfortunately, while the conversations in GetGlue look like Twitter, they don’t work like Twitter.

The only way you add a comment to the conversations that everyone sees is when checking in, otherwise all you can do is reply to the comments other people have already posted. You also don’t have a way to manually refresh the conversation stream. Because it looks like Twitter, I expect the conversation stream to act like Twitter.

If you are participating in a group conversation about a a sporting event, it doesn’t make sense to have to continually check-in to the event to add to the conversation. Scrolling through the conversation of game six of the World Series while the game is being played, it looks like everyone is just posting one comment, which is more like a bunch of status updates rather than a conversation.

GetGlue seems to think the conversation occurs by individuals replying to other’s check-in comments, but I am not going to reply to a stranger’s check-in. My recommendation to GetGlue would be to make conversations work more like Twitter, where after checking in you end up in the conversation stream and you can post new reactions to the stream while watching the show to contribute to the group conversation. I would keep the ability to directly reply to someone, which is a feature not available in Twitter and would make GetGlue standout from the Twitter hashtag approach.

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