GetGlue Adds Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs to Check-In List

What are you reading? GetGlue wants to know.

What are you reading? GetGlue wants to know.

The entertainment-based social network– which awards stickers to users who check into events such as TV shows, movies, sporting events, music, games, and topics they’re thinking about — added reading to its check-in list, allowing users via iPod, iPhone, Mac, or PC to share magazines, newspapers, or blogs they’re reading by checking in.

The addition of the reading tab follows news earlier this week that GetGlue revamped its mobile site for use by those with feature phones.

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Like to lounge about with Time and Newsweek on the weekends? Read The New York Times on your commute to work? Enjoy geeking out and reading Boing Boing on a break? Let everyone know all your favorite magazines, newspapers, and blogs by checking-in with GetGlue on your iPod, iPhone, Mac, or PC.

As with all check-ins, click on the left-hand side of the bar at the top of the homepage (right below where we greet you by name). When the words “You Are…” and a downward arrow appear, click on the arrow and select “Reading a book, etc.”

Enter the name of the magazine, newspaper, or blog in the window on the right and select your title from the drop-down menu. This takes you to the periodical or blog’s page, where you can type a message and do the usual click to check-in to your choice of zine.