Get Your Kicks…And Be Recognized by an International Jury of Designers


The Nike and Designmai Play Award is always a good time. Last year, we saw designers coming up with new games like Peter Riering-Czekalla’s hi-tech tresure hunt, Antelope, a live-action verson of Go, and the year prior to that, we had Vincet-Holger Weckert and Lars Bergmann’s soccer ball that began to glow the darker it got outside, so the game could go on, and some sort of super tag game that I still don’t entirely get. This year should be no different, although the theme is “Football” thanks in no small part to the World Cup in Germany this year. Here’s the story:

No matter where you go in the world, there’s always a football stadium to be seen. The game being played on its field follows the same rules, has the same ball and the same number of teams as everywhere else on the planet.

This uniformity notwithstanding, each country has its own particular way of playing, living and loving the game. Each of these national cultures adds up to the unity called “football.” This variety of cultures gives football its special “kick.” These “kicks” keep football going and growing.

The next “kicks” are going to come from you. We want to you to take this tradition-hewn and world-spanning sport, and transform it into something new and very different.