Get Your Executives to Support your Social Media Marketing Program [VIDEO]

Are your executives pushing back? Watch this video to learn the simple ways you can bring them around to your way of thinking.

Are you worried that your executive team won’t sign off on your plans for a corporate blog or other social media marketing initiative? That’s a legitimate concern: the top brass tends to be prone to see what can go wrong than they are to think about the ROI opportunity. So, when you make your case for a corporate blog, Twitter account or Facebook page, you need to be ready.

The key is to make sure they know that social media communications, quite frankly, don’t bring any new risks to the table. Blogs and Facebook pages may move messaging faster, but word of mouth, message boards and other “old” forms of communication can gain momentum quickly as well.

After all, bad news travels fast, regardless of whether it’s carried in bits and bytes or not.

To make sure your program gets the green light from your executive team, plan well and be transparent. Show how your controls will work – and that you aren’t bringing any new risk to the company. In fact, show how you can mitigate existing risk through effective social media controls.

Just keeping people in the loop can make a profound difference.