Get Questions Answered with Your Cell Phone–For Two Bucks a Pop

27 Mobile just launched “Johnny27,” a text answering service, where mobile users can send their questions to 272727 and have them answered within three to five minutes via text, MediaPost reports. Each question costs two bucks to answer, and they can be about any topic:

“The announcement comes on the heels of people-powered search engine ChaCha’s full-scale rollout of its free (and currently ad-free) textChaCha mobile Q&A service, as well as overall increased focus on SMS answers from free directory assistance services like GOOG-411 and 1-800-FREE-411,” the article said. “So it raises the question of whether users will pay a fee for a text-based answering service on top of their standard text-messaging charges–in exchange for getting answers sans ads.”

27 Mobile Launches Text Answering Service [MediaPost]