Get into Shape the Web 2.0 Way via

fitizens.jpgIf you are aware of various new year’s resolution sites, tools and widgets the most common resolutions are getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So, it just about right timing that, a social networking site tailored for fitness enthusiasts and experts is launched.

Established a social networking site where fitness experts and fitness enthusiasts socialize/network with each other, Fitizens provides both types of members a good service. For fitness enthusiasts, they can get fitness advice from member fitness experts for free. For the fitness experts, the social networking site is a good avenue to expand their client base. They can build their profiles and establish a well rounded profile which might catch the interest of fitness enthusiasts’ members.
I like the idea of intermingling with fitness experts rather than with other fitness enthusiasts alone. This sets Fitizens apart from another fitness social networking site that I know of – Gyminee. However, the success of fitizens would still depend on the strength of its expert’s membership base. The more fitness experts they attract to become members the more fitness enthusiasts would be attracted as well.
So, if you are really bent on fulfilling your new year’s resolution of getting fit and in top shape this year, you might want to check Fitizens out. Here are just some of the features that Fitizens provide to its members for free:

  • Free access to local personal trainers, group fitness instructors, nutritionists, and other wellness professionals to set in motion a personal workout and wellness program
  • A robust Q&A where you can ask questions directly to experts
  • Access to sample workouts and routines
  • The latest in fitness trends, news, and product reviews.
  • Ways to connect to your favorite fitness trainers and gym-goers once you step outside the gym
  • A trainer search to find local and national experts
  • An easy to use web platform for experts to use to showcase themselves to enthusiasts both locally and globally

For Fitness experts, Fitizens is offering a free 30-day trial, after which I’m guessing that they will be charge a fee in return for the potential clients that they could get from Fitizens. Looks like a fair deal to me.