Get Help Going Green With Expert Coaches

I’ll give you three guesses what is dedicated to.

Ok, so it was an easy question!

alt energyDedicated to building a community of alternative energy-minded people, this social networking site may earn no points for its engaging design but it deserves a lot of credit for its attention to all things noteworthy in green living.

Like most social networking sites, one can expect to find the usual features: photos, videos, discussions, groups, RSS feeds, etc. One feature that sets the site apart is a “coaching system.” Looking for help converting your car to alternative fuel? You can find a coach to help you go green. There’s even shopping links to help you make your green-living purchases.

Considering that alternative energy and politics go hand-in-hand, Alternative Energy is also a place where you can read up on what the candidates are doing to make the world a better place. It also brings bills to congress to the forefront to help the community take on a more active roll. This is an important thing to consider with the American presidential election under a year away.

With the whole green movement gaining momentum and the vast amount of technology, news topics, blogs, and bills going through congress, it was only a matter of time before a sight like this emerged. If renewable energy is ever going to become a reality it is going to take the masses to make it happen, and while, a social networking Website is certainly not the answer to all the energy problems our world is facing, it is certainly a great place to start.