Get Fashion Inspiration with Cream App

Does your wardrobe need a facelift? Check out Cream, a new iOS app from Blue Pegg Ltd. that is designed to help give you ideas on what to wear. Like most social media apps, Cream has a news stream of photos of fashionably women from around the globe curated by the company’s in-house stylists.

Every day, the stylists pick images of their favorite looks and share them within the feed. The app shows a photo of an entire look and below each piece is broken out with its own image and description. So for example, if you like a pair of shoes that someone in the photo is wearing, you can find out more about them. The app also has mobile commerce functionality, so you can click through to purchase the items.

Aside from checking out news feeds of new outfits, you can search out particular items and get tips on how to make them work as part of an outfit. For example, a search for linen blouses will net results that will show you recommended ways to wear the shirt. You can also click on a heart to save your favorite looks to a personalized closet. By “hearting” your favorite looks, you are also tailoring the experience of what content is served your way.