Get Dreams Interpreted on Facebook

Dream ReaderAt first glance I figured this application would be insanely viral. While I still think it may experience viral growth, it was not as effective at interpreting my dream as I would have wished. The application picks out specific keywords from within your dream description and then gives you an interpretation of those words. From my dream description it picked out the words “flying” and “light”. The application also failed to include the second part of my dream. Maybe I’m being to critical and should not expect an application to be capable of interpreting my dreams. What do you think? I think this application has the stickiness factor which is required of successful applications but doesn’t have all the features that I’d look for. One of the best components of this application is that it also works as a dream diary. For those of you that keep dream diaries or have a desire to keep a dream diary, this application could prove to be pretty handy. For some reason though I can’t see myself waking up from a dream, stumbling over to my computer, logging on to Facebook and typing in my dream at 4 am. If you are a big fan of tracking and interpreting dreams, go grab the Dream Reader application.