Get Directions on Your Virgin Mobile Phone

dialdirections.jpgVirgin Mobile may not be a stellar success, but it’s a well respected MVNO that appeals to many customers with its low-cost, pre-paid plans. Now the company is announcing a new voice-activated service powered by Dial Directions that lets Virgin Mobile USA customers request driving directions by phone, then receive them by text message.

Here’s how it works: The initial trial will include a new Directions link on the deck of some Virgin Mobile cell phones. After clicking the link, callers are then prompted to speak any address or intersection for both their start and destination. Callers will receive the driving directions by text message.

Dial Directions also said that Jingle Network’s 1-800-Free411 and are also using the company’s spoken-location platform interface to power their consumer mobile services.

Previously the company has offered local event coverage along with voice-enabled directions on its own portal.