Geronimo’s MovieCup is SongPop with movies on Facebook, mobile

Image via Geronimo

Mobile and Facebook game developer Geronimo has launched its second title to date, a movie game on iOS, Android and Facebook that challenges players to identify movies based on short clips. The game, MovieCup, is incredibly similar to SongPop, but with movies as the focus, instead of songs.

MovieCup on Facebook and mobile allows users to challenge their Facebook friends, search for opponents by username or email, or challenge random opponents to a game. Once a game is triggered, one player chooses the “playlist” based on movie genre, ranging from Action and Adventure to Bollywood and other niche genres.

In each round, five movie clips are played, and players are given multiple choices for responses. The faster the correct response, the more points are rewarded. Streaks reward even more points, and players’ scores are compared after each round.

Image via Geronimo

As players complete games, they’re given coins that can be spent on unlocking additional movie genres, while the game tracks a player’s mastery of each using a star system. Achievements and power-ups round out the package, as players can spend power-ups to remove wrong answers, or track their progress in specific tasks over time.

Geronimo is a new French game studio, but it has already started to find success with MovieCup. The game has almost 15,000 daily active Facebook players and climbing, according to our app tracking service AppData. MovieCup is also now available to download for free on iOS and Android.