Germany-Brazil World Cup Match Was Bigger Than Super Bowl on Twitter

Broke sports record with 35.6 million tweets

Yesterday's World Cup semifinal between Germany and Brazil (in which Germany routed the host nation 7-1, setting a record for largest deficit ever in a semifinal match) became the most discussed sporting event ever on Twitter.

The match's 35.6 million tweets, peaking at 580,166 tweets per minute, were the most ever for a sporting event on Twitter, per the San Francisco-based company. This year's Super Bowl, for the sake of comparison, generated 24.9 million tweets.

Prior to the event, the most discussed match of the tournament had been Brazil's showdown with Chile in the Round of 16, which generated 16.4 million tweets, followed by the host nation's opening game against Croatia at 12.2 million. Germany's most mentioned player during the match was Miroslave Klose, who set the all-time record for career World Cup goals with 16; Brazil's most mentioned player was goalkeeper Julio Cesar, who took his share of heat for his role in Brazil's blowout loss.

The discussion peaked following Germany's fifth goal, which garnered 580,601 tweets in one minute. Many of the tweets mocked Brazil during the worst loss in the nation's history. Most of these were relatively good-natured, with suggestions ranging from Brazil changing its flag to blaming Justin Bieber

One thing is certain, it will take a phenomenal World Cup final to reach the level of discussion during yesterday's historic semifinal match.

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