Who Is The Biggest Player In The Geosocial Universe? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Geosocial networking, in which services such as geocoding and geotagging are used to enable (and enhance) additional social dynamics, is already a huge trend, and one that is growing at a feverish pace.

Jesse Thomas, founder and CEO of JESS3, a creative agency known for its data visualisation, has created a range of fantastic infographics that measures how big this Geosocial Universe has become.

Writes Jesse:

“Geosocial is huge trend that continues to entertain us all. As we all know, things change incredibly quickly in the world of the internet, so we decided to update our infographic The Geosocial Universe a few months short of the one year anniversary of its first iteration. Once again, we look to answer the question: Who is the biggest player in the location-based landscape?”

Jesse last looked at the Geosocial Universe in August 2010, when Facebook, with 500 million users, was the clear leader above Myspace, with 126 million profiles, a distant second.

(click to enlarge)

But how does the universe look now?

Facebook still looks incredibly strong with 629 million users, 250 million of whom access the network via mobile, but Jesse now has Skype as the king of the hill with 663 million accounts.

(CheckFacebook.com has 668 million registered Facebook profiles, but we’ll ignore that for now.)

Qzone, Hotmail and Yahoo! mail round out the top five, and then along comes Twitter, with its 200 million users, 80 million of whom access the platform via their handsets.

Meanwhile, it won’t be too long before Myspace is caught by Yelp. How embarrassing. I mean, who uses Yelp?

Overall, the Geosocial Universe is made up of 5.3 billion mobile devices, which (excluding cross-platform use and drug dealers) isn’t far off one for every person on the planet, and when you start to think about it, really quite humbling.

Jesse has created 32 different infographics to show off this data and you can find all of them in the slideshow below.

(Source: JESS3.)