Geosocial Media – Which Social Networks Are Using Location-Based Services? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Location-based marketing is a big business that is only going to get bigger, and social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, and other online platforms like Skype and Gmail, are all using these tools to compete for your attention… and cash.

The right message served to the right person at the right time has tremendous value for local businesses, and while many of the ads we’re seeing today are limited to vouchers and special offers that are exchanged for check-ins and tweet-outs, we’re not a million years away from fully-fledged, Minority Report-style personalized marketing. And if that means an extra 25 percent off at your favourite store, who amongst us is really going to object?

Previously we’ve looked at how social media tracks your every move, and taken a look at the biggest players in the geosocial universe. Now, this infographic from Column Five Media takes a closer look at the online platforms that use geosocial and location-based services, and the types of end user they impact.

(Top image credit: Daboost via Shutterstock.)