Gen Con 2016: Gunslinger Studios Shows Off Exiles of Embermark

The mobile combat RPG will allow users to compete in duels to bring honor to their in-game Houses.

Last week at the Gen Con gaming convention in Indianapolis, Gunslinger Studios showed off Exiles of Embermark, an upcoming mobile combat role-playing game that allows users to compete in duels to bring honor to their in-game Houses.

In Exiles of Embermark, players will create heroes and compete in single-player, multiplayer and cooperative events. In each battle, players will have a limited amount of time to select the move they’ll use in the current round. Once both players have made a decision, the game will determine which move is triggered first based on the “initiative” stat of the characters.

Exiles of Embermark Screenshots

Gamers will have access to a variety of skills and abilities, which may damage their opponents or add status effects to their opponents or to themselves.

At the end of a battle, both players will receive experience points and a loot drop, with the winner receiving a better loot drop than the loser. These drops may include new gear and weapons for their characters, or items players can use to craft new objects.

Users will be able to create heroes in six different classes (warrior, mage, rogue and so on), with each class having different skills and abilities available to unlock over time.

Every player in a single class (like the warrior class) will unlock the same “linear” abilities from levels 1-50, but users will be able to further customize their characters by unlocking talents from multiple specialization trees. For instance, warriors will have access to berserker, fortress and executioner specializations.

Users will receive one talent point as they reach each experience point level, from level 1-50, and they will be able to use these talent points to purchase abilities. Users will be able to mix and match talents from different specializations as they’d like.

Exiles of Embermark Screenshots 2

Gamers will be able to take a limited number of skills and abilities into each battle, and they will have the option to select different abilities between battles.

Overall, users will have more abilities available to purchase than they will be able to unlock. If they’d like to try new skills or change their play style, users will have the option to wipe and reassign their talent points for free.

Once players reach level 10, they’ll be able to join one of six Houses, or guilds, in the game, each with a different ideology and associated lore. House members will be able to compete in House-specific events to win additional prizes for their characters, and players will also receive “tenure” bonuses based on the amount of time they remain loyal to their current Houses.

Houses will compete against one another for world domination in time-limited gameplay “seasons.” While all players’ actions may combine to help an overall House in its standing, players will also be able to work individually to be the best players in their Houses.

As users play the game, the lore and story in the world will be affected by player actions and events. For instance, if a House event challenges players to eliminate 1 million goblins in a limited amount of time, the next in-game season could see the remaining goblins revolt in response.

Exiles of Embermark Screenshots 3

Finally, players will be able to complete quests on the game’s world map, with these quests also being impacted by the actions of players. Users will be able to keep up with the game’s lore and evolving storyline in the Bound application, which is currently in early access.

Speaking with SocialTimes, Gunslinger Studios founder and CEO Tim Harris said Exiles of Embermark is being designed to allow players to make progress in 60-second gameplay chunks, while also supporting longer gameplay sessions. The game will not include an energy system, so players will be able to battle for as long as they’d like each time they play the game.

While Exiles of Embermark will be free-to-play, users will have the option to spend real money on chests containing mystery items (users will also be able to find free chests or purchase chests with free currency). Users will need to find, earn or purchase keys of varying qualities to open these chests. The quality of the key used to open a chest will determine the quality of the items inside.

Exiles of Embermark is expected to launch on iOS and Android in February 2017.