Gen Con 2015: Tsuro: The Game of the Path is Coming to Mobile

In Tsuro: The Game of the Path, users play path tiles to create a line for their token while avoiding running off of the board or hitting another player.

At the 2015 Gen Con gaming convention in Indianapolis, mobile developer Thunderbox Entertainment and tabletop game company Calliope Games previewed Tsuro: The Game of the Path on mobile devices.

A digital version of the popular Tsuro board game, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, the mobile titles challenges players to lay path tiles on the board in such a way as to help their token avoid running into other tokens or the edge of the board, while also completing objectives specific to the game mode.

While fans of the board game will find a familiar experience in the mobile version, new gameplay modes and things like glowing pathways have also been added to the title for its digital release.


Tsuro on mobile will offer single-player games against one or more computer opponents (the AI skill level can be customized), as well as local pass-and-play multiplayer on a single device and online multiplayer against Facebook friends. While the different game modes affect the main goal while playing, the same basic rules apply throughout.

On each turn, players have access to three square path tiles, drawn at random from the deck. Starting the game on one of the many lines on the border of the board, players lay one tile on each turn to create a path for their token to move around the board. While two players are technically allowed to begin the game right next to each other, this isn’t necessarily wise, and may result in a collision a few turns into the game.

In the basic game of Tsuro, players take turns to extend their path lines one tile at a time, until one token is the last standing and the rest have run out of available moves, or have collided with their opponents. To be specific, players run out of moves when their path leads off of the game board. In addition to having three tiles to choose from on each turn, players can also rotate their tiles (each contains multiple potential path lines) to try to avoid this outcome for as long as possible.

Outside of this standard game mode, which rewards players based on the number of tiles they played in total, users can change the rules to focus on creating loops by making one’s line intersect with itself, or forming the longest individual line in a solo game.

Tsuro: The Game of the Path is expected to release on iOS and Android devices later this year.