GE may soon make NBC get off couch, get real job

NBC is still in a post-Friends hangover yet GE numbers still danced ever skyward last quarter, jumping some 14%, according to Jill Goldsmith. So what gives?

Film and cable had a 22% bump thanks mainly to King Kong‘s record DVD sales and strong numbers from Bravo, Sci Fi and their news arms. (Will someone from corporate please give Santino, the all but mustache-twisting baddie from Project Runway, a really big hug? He really took one for the team this year.)

When grilled about the overall lack of synergism in the company and what he was going to do about it, CEO Jeff Immelt unveiled his big plan: sit around for two years, waiting for the Olympics.

One investor asked what synergies flowed to the company’s other businesses, like infrastructure, by owning NBC Universal. Immelt cited the highly anticipated Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008, which could provide opportunities for numerous GE businesses.

Immelt also sees $800 million to $1 billion in revenue from those Olympics.

Ok, this is the same company that lost 70 million on the Olympics they just had, right? Oh but see that wasn’t NBC’s fault, according to Immelt at least. It was Italy’s.

“Torino was a tough venue, a tough set of dynamics. I think Beijing will be a whole other story. … I think it will be highly beneficial both for NBC and for the rest of the company.”

So who do we blame Heist on? Luxembourg?