gDecide Launches Private Decision-Making App on iOS

gDecide has announced the official launch of its self-titled, private decision-making social network on iOS devices. After a lengthy beta period, the app has been redesigned to better appeal to all consumers who may need a hub for asking questions and making decisions among their friends, family members and colleagues. With gDecide, users can create questions and share those with friends from a single place, without the need to send separate emails to each person, post public Facebook posts or send individual Facebook messages, post questions on Twitter, and so on.

gDecide users enter their question text and can give their colleagues, friends and family multiple kinds of response options, depending on the type of question. For instance, a yes or no question could present simple yes or no answer buttons, while a “text” question is an open-ended question, and requires the user to enter their own text as feedback. Other question types include multiple choice questions, where users manually enter the options their friends have to choose from. Additional features give users the option to keep responses anonymous or hide the list of all participants, the ability to flag a question as urgent, and to turn decision chat on or off.

Finally, for text and yes or no questions, users can attach images to help others make their decision. For instance, when shopping for a house, users could import pictures of the home to the app, and then send those images along with a request for input on whether or not the home looks like a good purchase. Elsewhere, an open-ended question could be sent to family members, asking them for gift ideas for an upcoming birthday or anniversary event. Respondents can upload their own pictures with ideas.


Users can send their questions to as many people as they’d like, by manually entering email addresses or importing emails from the device’s contact list. The app also supports Facebook, for sending questions to Facebook friends. Once the question has been launched, friends of the user will receive emails or Facebook notifications, prompting them to answer the question. These email users are automatically signed up for new gDecide accounts when they choose to respond, and are sent a temporary password so they can create their own questions on the service, or interact with other questions going forward. Facebook users, meanwhile, answer questions via the gDecide app on Facebook, also creating their own account in the process.

Back in the app, the question’s original creator can view all of their friends’ answers in one place, or carry on chat conversations with respondents (say, to answer a question someone may have had). Once users make an ultimate decision, they close the question and provide feedback to all of their participants, letting them know which decision was made, and why.

gDecide CEO and founder Rudolf Melik created the app to address the need for decision making to be “more unified and structured.”

“Today, when people have a private question, they email or text everyone, start a group chat, conduct an online poll on Facebook or other social networking sites, or communicate with their confidants using disjointed tools and separated conversation threads,” Melik says, in a statement. “With gDecide, users privately discuss their questions with their chosen participants. Individuals can control who sees what, the choices offered, when to close the discussion, when to vote and what actions to take. They can also publicly share the results and outcome of some of their decisions on gDecide or Facebook.”

gDecide is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. To celebrate the launch of the app, the company is hosting a contest, offering prizes including Amazon and Starbucks gift cards, as well as an iPod Touch and an iPhone 6. To enter, users must join gDecide, send one question to at least two people, and reply to at least one question sent to them.