Gawkk Lets You Collect and Share Videos

With videos getting ever so popular everyday, the Internet has became the host for a pletora of online videos both user-generated as well professionally produced. To enable you to collect and gather those videos which interest you, a new social video sharing site that goes by the name – Gawkk offers a way for you to collect these videos and share them with your social circle.Gawkk is social video discovery and sharing site which lets you save, share and discuss great videos you encounter from the whole of the web. Taken note as early as now, Gawkk is not a video uploading site. It does not offer a repository for the videos you’ve encountered on the web. What Gawkk does is to provide you with a personal channel where you can embed the videos you’ve found on the web. By embedding those videos on your Gawkk channel, you are also making them shareable and viewable by people you allow to view your personal Gawkk channel.

The same way that you can invite your friends to view your channel of collected videos, you can also follow their video viewing/saving activities as well. In addition, Gawkk also lets vote up or down a particular video that you see from your friend’s channel. Voting up puts the particular video at the home page of the Gawkk community. Hence Gawkk is both a social networking, and video sharing site.

Every member of Gawkk gets a video channel of their own which they can use to embed the codes of the videos they found at other video uploading sites. Gawkk sort of serves as a portal for all your collected videos which are hosted on other sites other than Gawkk.

To save a video to your Gawkk channel, you need to install the “Save to Gawkk” button on your web browser. This would enable you to quickly save a particular once you’ve stumbled upon it from the web.

Gawkk seems to have a pretty clear business model. But I’m afraid some people might be too lazy to create another account to create their own video channel. But then, users who regularly visits video sites might find this service handy in helping them manage their online video browsing activities.