Gawker to Give Readers Tools to Reframe Headlines

Gawker founder Nick Denton has complained in the past about long headlines keeping good stories from appearing in search results. In a move to help crowdsource headline writing and expand sharing, Gawker has plans to roll out a new tool that will let readers tweak headlines and reframe stories before they reblog the stories themselves.

To do so, you have to sign up for a Kinja account. Kinja is Gawker’s beta news aggregation and discussion platform. It picks up the top stories from across the Gawker network and serves readers with a kind-of digital front page where they can read the best performing blog posts. Kinja takes reader participation to the next level by encouraging readers to create mini profiles in order to weed out trolls. Using Kinja, readers will be able to rewrite headlines for stories in order to reach different audiences, before sharing them.

“We’re building a truly interactive news platform,” Denton told Nieman Lab. “Readers should be able to contribute stories, get them on the front, determine headline and image size that their friends see, rebut stories, etc.”