Gawker Redesign: Is Change Good?

GawkerDeadspin, and Jezebel have gotten overnight makeovers. It can be distracting to fans of these sites. So much time was spent on the conversion that there are fewer stories to dunk into your Monday morning coffee. And a lot of time was spent giving a a virtual looseleaf binder to go along with lengthy tutorials on how to navigate through these sites.

Wait…how to navigate a blog? Isn’t a big part of a blog’s allure the ability to read, scroll, and click on highlighted words to go to other juicy nuggets? Nice and easy right? Read, read, and read some more?

If we wanted to “download” oodles of info we could watch ESPN News, CNBC, or even the local news. But as Nick Denton eloquently put it in this must read article, “It just feels inevitable.” These blogs are now morphing into major multimedia platforms with articles, op-eds, slickly laid out video clips, beaming a shiny, glossy vibe.

But as one respected news source dared to ask, “Is blogging dead?” The un-silent majority is yelling, “Nooooooo.” Why? Because there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers who don’t want their cheese moved and neither do their loyal followers/viewers/friends.

Facebook has changed more often than Diana Ross at a concert. People get annoyed and frustrated but they keep coming back because at its core Facebook is still very much the same social networking site it’s always been. It’s still easy to navigate and by no means do you need a tutorial.

As for Gawker, it may no longer be a blog. If it doesn’t look like a blog, smell like a blog or talk like a blog, it ain’t a blog. Good luck Gawker. And for it’s loyal followers…if you have to print out directions, use the fast draft format. It’ll save ya a lot of ink.