Gary Vaynerchuk: “PR As We Know It Is Dead”

This video was shot at Tuesday night’s mediabistro panel event, “Personal Branding Redefined.” FishbowlNY has their own excellent recap, including a video featuring yours truly. For those not familiar with the panelists, Julia Allison, Gary Vaynerchuk and Loren Feldman have all used their own different methods to develop a personal brand – although that term itself was debated – and a large audience, online.

In an era where traditional media “gatekeepers” have less and less control and influence in how messages reach a mass audience, these panelists are perfect examples on how you can take a passion and use new media tools to interact with people, develop an audience and of course, grow a business. This not to say traditional media doesn’t matter. It does. Gary’s appearance on the Conan O’Brien show provided a big spark in growth of his audience.

Says Feldman, “the tools are the same for everybody, it’s what you do with them,” which relates to one of the few points made on the panel that everyone agreed with: This stuff takes work. It’s not just uploading some content online and then waiting a week to see what happens. The beast must be fed, constantly. Allison got into specific PR related details during her presentation, saying that she believes simple interactions or pitching the media is nowhere near enough, “you have to add value to their lives.”

As Vaynercuk summed it all up in this very sound-bite worthy quote that all PR pros should consider when developing a social media strategy: “Content is king, but marketing is queen and she runs the household.”

[Editor’s note: Sorry for the grainy video, we originally shot this in HD, then it was too large to upload, so we may have went a little too far on the compression. Hey, we’re learning as we go here people!]