Gap’s Problem is Bigger Than Its Logo

Jezebel did an interesting article about what ails the Gap (from a brand point of view). So to catch you up: Gap, the retailer once known as the successful purveyor of basics like t-shirts and jeans, recently bid adieu to its designer Patrick Robinson. This news was shared just as some poor financial results was announced. Gap has had issues for a while now and there was some excitement after Robinson joined. But overall, it hasn’t worked out.

Couple that will the fact that Gap is best known lately for their logo fiasco and resulting management changes, and you have a brand in disarray. These days, as Jezebel says, people mostly associate the Gap with last-minute underwear purchases.

Some of the blog’s suggestions include a Made in the USA jobs creation initiative (remember that skit on SNL with the Gap clerks on their lunch break? Hilarious to the tenth degree), Tumblr pages, or partnerships with other brands like MAC.

We’d also suggest getting back to basics, re-establishing the brand’s connection with things like jeans (which were the lone success highlighted during Robinson’s tenure) and great tees. For this story, I took a quick look on YouTube at some of the past Gap ads — the one above is from Spike Jonze — and it’s amazing how much fun dancers and celebrities from Willie Nelson to Madonna are having with Gap staples like khakis. The old Gap brand knew what it was to people and excelled at that.