After A Four Year Break, Gap Returns To TV With New Twitter-Based Commercials

If you think back four or more years – when netbooks were all the rage and Avatar had just made it’s 3D debut on the silver screen – you might remember a pretty iconic set of TV commercial. They featured chiseled models singing tunes like “Mellow Yellow” and a gaggle of screaming girls who love their comfy sweater. They were Gap commercials, and they simply dominated our TV sets.

Since then, Gap has been pretty quiet on the TV front – until now. The clothing company is going full throttle this Fall with some brand new commercials, and a pretty massive Twitter tie-in.

As BuzzFeed reports, Gap chose to integrate its TV commercial relaunch with Twitter. Instead of just airing a commercial on TV and hoping for the best, the brand chose to release their TV spots early via Twitter, to get people excited and extend their effectiveness:

Twitter “allows you to extend the TV buy, the broadcast buy, and make it feel much bigger than the paid portion actually is,” Seth Farbman, Gap’s chief marketing officer, said in an interview with BuzzFeed.

The ads themselves are pretty tweet-worthy, as they feature George Harrison’s son, Dhani Harrison and Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s daughter, Alexa Ray Joel performing covers of their parents’ songs. Gap encouraged Twitter users to “unlock” the ads over the weekend by retweeting the links at least 500 times.

In tandem with this organic advertising on Twitter, Gap bought promoted tweets associated with the TV shows on which its commercial will air, and other popular shows. The brand is using the hashtag #BackToBlue on Twitter, and even included it at the end of both TV commercials to encourage viewers to tweet about them.

And even though the commercials themselves aired on Monday night, Gap isn’t done with its Twitter tie in. They’ll be sharing interviews, performances and other content surrounding Harrison and Joel on Twitter over the coming days.

This will be a big test of Twitter as the social TV network, as other brands will no doubt be watching to see whether Twitter is a viable channel to run a campaign in tandem with TV commercials.

If you’re curious, you can take a look at one of the new Gap TV spots below:

(Source: BuzzFeed. TV image via Shutterstock)

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