Gannett Proves that Social Media is Good for Business

Gannett announced its acquisition of white label social networking provider Ripple6 last week, continuing the shift of new media being further integrated into old media traditions. Having created solutions for business and enterprises to layer in social media and networking capabilities for internal or consumer-facing solutions, Ripple6 has the technology that Gannett is interested in specifically for market research and marketing purposes.

There have been years of effort poured into finding ways in which to use online outlets for business purposes, from blogs to forums, and with the acquisition of Ripple6, Gannett is indicating whre its interests lie from the enterprise perspective. Combine this with some of Gannett’s other acquisitions, including a percentage stakein self-broadcasting service Mogulus, and it’s clear that Gannett is going after a diverse social media portfolio for the future of its online roadmap.

Even taking these two examples of Ripple6 and Mogulus, we see a two-pronged approach for the acquisitions, with Ripple6 focusing on the enterprise solutions as a service and Mogulus acting as a user-generated platform for aggreating and broadcasting content across the web. Any data provided by research conducted via Ripple6 could prove quite useful for Gannett’s other properties, such as USA Today, as well as potential advertising solutions for other investments including Mogulus.

The continued roll-out of microsites used by businesses are inevitably reliant on social media, for any kind of marketing to be used online. So even as advertising decreases across old and new media alike, finding better and more accountable solutions for data gathering and execution will be important for many businesses out there, and Gannett is seemingly looking for the best way to prepare for the future.

While the amount of the Ripple6 acquisition have not been disclosed, Gannett has stated that Ripple6 will continue to offer its services to its clients and third-party publishers independent of Gannett. Being under a larger parent company, however, has many benefits for growing its technology and gaining new clients as well.