Gamevil’s Darkness Reborn Launches on iOS, Android

Darkness Reborn

Gamevil has announced the launch of Darkness Reborn on iOS and Android devices. Developed by Boolean Games, the title takes players to the land of Eirhenge, where they’ll head into combat against evil forces to save the world from destruction. Darkness Reborn offers both single-player and multiplayer game modes, including cooperative multiplayer among friends.

Players begin Darkness Reborn by choosing one of two classes, Warrior or Ninja, with a third, the Devil Hunter, listed as “coming soon.” The Warrior has balanced attack and defense stats, and, according to the game, can be used well as a guard to protect allies. Meanwhile, the ninja has a strong attack power, but low health. They can use clone and conceal abilities to make up for this perceived weakness.

The story mode offers level-based missions for players, with each containing multiple difficulty options (although higher difficulties may be locked until players reach story progression milestones). During each mission, players use a virtual joystick in the bottom left corner of the screen to move, and attack using buttons on the right. Darkness RebornThe hack-n-slash experience sees enemies potentially attacking from multiple directions, and players rapidly tap on the attack button to wipe them out. Players unlock special skills as they earn experience points and level-up. These can be activated by tapping on buttons above the main attack button, and each takes time to recharge.

As players battle, they’ll eventually unlock Rage mode, a temporary boost of speed and power that can be manually triggered when gamers need it most.

Players receive gold and new equipment items as they defeat enemies, and also receive up to three stars for each level, depending on their performance. Users can equip new items at the character screen, or they can fuse lesser equipment pieces intro stronger items to increase their stats. This process requires gold to complete, which can also be earned by selling equipment pieces outright.Darkness Reborn 4As a free-to-play experience, gamers can spend premium currency (real money) on strongboxes containing random, high-rarity gear. Lesser gear is also available in strongboxes, and these can be purchased with gold.

For multiplayer features, users can enter into synchronous player-vs-player battles, or complete cooperative dungeons and boss raids with other users. Boss raids specifically can be completed in parties of up to six users, but players must hit level requirements before unlocking these modes (Boss Raids are unlocked at level 25, for instance).

Rounding out the experience is a hefty achievements system, which provides players with hundreds of voluntary objectives to complete over time. Completing these tasks rewards users with free and premium currency.

Darkness Reborn is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.