Games on Line platform reach 100M downloads

Line app icon

Line app iconNHN Japan today announced that games on Line’s platform reached the 100 million downloads mark.

NHN Japan first revealed in June 2012 that Line, which is also a messaging app, was becoming a gaming platform for other mobile game apps. Line now has 16 games on its platform, with such titles as puzzler Line Birzzle, tile-matching game Line Pop, Bust a Move-like game Line Bubble, shooting game Dragon Flight from Nextfloor, town simulator Theater Town, sea life simulator Line Easy Diver and more.

Breaking down where the downloads came from geographically, 55 percent of the game downloads on Line’s platform came from outside Japan, while 45 percent came from Japan. Line being able to show some traction outside its country of origin is interesting since most of the messaging app competitors only dominate particular regions like WeChat in China, M+ in Taiwan and Facebook Messanger, WhatsApp and Kik in the U.S.

The main messaging app Line reached the 100 million user mark back in January.Line gaming platform 100 million downloads chart