Gameloft Gears Up for Football Season with NFL 2009

Just in time for the Major League Baseball All-Star break, Gameloft has launched…NFL 2009 for mobile? Well, maybe the timing is just coincidental.

football clipart.jpgAnyway, the new game features “ultra-realistic” game plays, enhanced AI and fairly realistic 2D models, Gameloft claims. The company’s licensing deal with the NFL allows it to feature all 32 teams, their players, stadiums and detailed stats.

“NFL 2009 is packed full of team-specific strategies and spectacular offensive moves that are guaranteed to please football enthusiasts and provide them with the excitement of a live game,” teases Gameloft senior VP of publishing Gonzague de Vallois.

The game is available through most US carriers. To check availability and cost, text “QB” to 82174.

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