Game Update Roundup: Easter 2016 Edition

Here's a look at some of the mobile and Facebook games which have received Easter-themed content updates.

As we head into Easter weekend, many developers have updated their games with plenty of bunnies, eggs and more for the upcoming holiday.

Here’s a look at some of the mobile and Facebook games which have been updated for Easter this year.

The Sims FreePlay (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon): EA Mobile‘s life simulation game has been updated with the Chocolate Egg Chase, challenging players to find the painted chocolate eggs hidden around Sim Town. Players can dress their Sims in Bunny Onesies and chocolate egg-inspired pajamas, and decorate their Sims’ homes with Easter-themed items. In addition, players have access to the new Chocolate Making hobby, and can win Gingerbread Furniture in the Chocolatier special event.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Easter

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Free on iOS, Android): EA Mobile’s tower defense game has been updated with a 14-day Mega Event called the Springening, which features Easter-themed collectible plant costumes and nine themed zombies. The event includes the return of the Piñata Party’s Eggbreaker mode and offers a ‘Level of the Day’ to complete.

SimCity BuildIt (Free on iOS, Android): Players of EA Mobile’s city-building game can purchase two Easter-themed parks from the game’s store. The Basket Bunny is available for 18,000 Simoleons, while the Spring Chick Statue costs 250 SimCash.

Digimon Heroes (Free on iOS, Android): Until April 1, players of this card game from Bandai Namco Entertainment America can collect Easter Tickets to unlock Easter Digi-eggs, which contain rewards such as EXP Floppies and new Digimon. In addition, players can participate in the ‘Rabbit Lord’ Easter event.

Land Sliders (Free on iOS, Android): This endless item collection game from Prettygreat has been updated with nine new characters, including the Chocolate Bunny and Rabbit Onesie. Users must collect 50 Easter eggs while playing to unlock the Chocolate Bunny.

Slide the Shakes (Free on iOS): This milkshake sliding game from Prettygreat has been updated with 25 new levels and five new milkshakes, including the Easter Surprise shake.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols Easter

Crusaders of the Lost Idols (Free on Facebook): This clicker or idle game from Codename Entertainment has been updated with a new event called Nate’s Candy Conundrum, which includes two new characters for players to unlock: Alan the ArchAngel and the RoboRabbit. Players unlock these characters by completing the event’s first two objectives, and can complete three additional objectives to earn event jeweled chests. This Easter event ends on March 29.

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook (Free on iOS, Android): This cooking game from Office Create has been updated with a Spring Pack containing two new recipes: Devilled Eggs (sic) and Lamb Chops. The pack costs $0.99 to download, and includes themed design changes for the game, like a new outfit for Mama.

Best Fiends Easter

Best Fiends (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Facebook): Until April 10, players of this line-drawing puzzle game from Seriously can participate in the ‘World’s Biggest #MobileEggHunt’ event, which asks them to search inside the game for 12 eggs designed by YouTube stars. Players will unlock a new fiend if they collect all 12 eggs (gamers who already have every fiend will win gold and diamonds). The featured YouTube stars have uploaded videos featuring clues for finding the eggs. This update includes 20 new levels to complete.

Ice Cream Jump

Ice Cream Jump (Free on iOS, Android): This endless jumping game from Retro Dreamer has been updated with a free Easter theme, as well as Easter-themed playable characters.


Run (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon): Starting on March 24, the Infinite Mode in Kongregate‘s running game will be recolored in pastel colors for Easter. As part of this event, players can collect Easter eggs as they play in the Infinite Mode to unlock the Bunny character.

Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist (Free on iOS, Android): On March 24, this clicker or idle game from Hyper Hippo Games and Kongregate will be updated with a St. Patrick’s Day and Easter-themed ‘Making it Rain’ event. As part of this event, players can hire a leprechaun Micro-Manager, and add it to their best investment to increase its profits. Specifically, once players add the Micro-Manager to an investment, each tap on that investment doubles their profits. In addition, the game’s swag, managers and businesses have been themed for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day. For instance, some businesses are the Rabbit’s Foot, Bunny Ears, Pot Of Gold and Shamrock.