Game Insight reveals MMO Dragon Eternity for iOS, Android and web

Game Insight today revealed its newest free-to-play title, a Facebook-enabled massively multiplayer online game called Dragon Eternity planned for iOS, Android and the web.

Dragon Eternity is a fantasy-themed MMO in which players are cast as adventurers working for the opposing countries Vaalor or Sadar; the two nations are at war, while the countryside is filled with monsters, criminals and dungeons housing other evil powers. Players are tasked with quests from in-game characters, which they have to travel around the game world to accomplish. Most of these quests involve battling enemies and collecting items they drop.

In order to enter a battle, all one has to do is click on a character wandering around the game map and then select the attack option. Players are then brought into a turn-based battle, where they choose have a limited amount of time to select a type of battle stance to use in their attack; stances have different effects like delivering extra damage, improving defense or replenishing magic.

Dragon Eternity also contains non-combat focused professions, player clans, an in-game auction house where players can buy and sell items and player-versus-player combat. Game Insight says the title will feature synchronous cross-platform compatibility, so players will be able to game with other users regardless of whether they’re playing on a mobile device or the web.

Game Insight tells us Dragon Eternity has been in development for over two years. The company hasn’t revealed a launch date for the Android and iOS versions of the game, but Dragon Eternity is currently in open beta on the web. There are no current plans to make a Facebook-only version.

This story was originally published on our sister site Inside Social Games.