Game Insight launches Adventure Era on iOS


Mobile and social game company Game Insight has announced the launch of Adventure Era on iOS. The city-building game sees players traveling to a distant, unexplored land, where they’ll encounter a civilization of local inhabitants and must collect resources to build their village. The game is similar to another Game Insight title, The Tribez (our review), as players will build huts to increase their supply of workers and complete quests.

In Adventure Era, players can complete multiple tasks at a time, in relation to the number of workers living in the village. Workers can produce wood in one building, meat from wild game in another and so on. Players can also chop down trees or remove weeds in the jungle to collect resources, which are all combined to build additional structures or simply complete quests.

As players make progress, they’ll meet new economic advisors, can research additional technologies for upgrading structures around the island, expand into new lands, and otherwise increase the civilization from its humble beginnings into something extraordinary.

Adventure Era is available to download for free on iOS, and is supported via microtransactions. Premium currency allows players to skip the building time of structures, or the time needed for workers to complete tasks, among other options.

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