GAME: How Well Do You Know Your Twitter Friends?

Twitter For Busy People have created a game that allows you to test how well you know your Twitter friends. It’s a small, simple game but goes a long way to show how Twitter could be used for gaming and entertainment in the future. The game is here. The game only has a few steps. You enter your Twitter name, and the game automatically shows you ten Twitter profile pictures and a list of ten Twitter profile names, and you’re required to match them together.

What’s interesting about the game is that it is entirely social. It relies on your social graph to deliver the gameplay. What it’s missing is that which Zynga and Playfish have mastered: the metagame. By creating a simple, social experience and wrapping it with leaderboards, challenges and achievements, players are able to enjoy the core gameplay element and then come back to play it again, but this time, with their friends.

In any case, this makes for a fun afternoon diversion. Enjoy!