Gajah BK7005 Android eReader now Available

The biggest eReader maker you’ve never heard of has just announced a new model. The BK7005 is based on an Android tablet, and it has a 7″ (800×480) resistive touchscreen. It also has Wifi, a microSD card slot, a speaker, and it supports Adobe DE DRM. The BK7005 also supports playing 720p video, though of course it cannot play the video at full resolution.

There’s no word yet on the version of Android it is running, but the display model at CES 2011 ran Android v1.5.

The BK7005is available for license to anyone who would like rebrand it and promote it. This is how Gajah usually operates, and it’s why you might not know who this company is.

· 7” TFT Touch Screen (800 x 480)