F/W/V CEO Offers Tips for Pitching Sports and Celebrity Clients

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You may have missed the fact that Moves magazine relaunched earlier this month; you may not be familiar with the property at all. But the release tells us that Moves has been “the premier lifestyle magazine for pro athletes” for a decade, and parent company Moves Media Ventures plans bigger things with its relaunch and transformation into “a diversified media company serving athletes, entertainers, managers, moguls, influential tastemakers and the advertisers seeking to reach them.”

Moves also has some serious PR industry connections: French/West/Vaughan founder and CEO Rick French is both a partner and a chairman of the mag’s editorial board.

We spoke to French, a former print and TV journalist, to learn more about what Moves can do for your sports and lifestyle clients.

What does PR need to know about Moves?

PR reps need to know that we are actively looking to develop partnerships, and that this is the perfect time to do it.We are also looking for great story ideas.

Movesmagazine.com is targeting the convergence of sports, entertainment, luxury lifestyle and VIP access…getting in the door prior to the Super Bowl, where we will be making quite a splash, would be a smart move for the right brand.

Does this development mark a new stage in the magazine’s history?

Absolutely. The magazine was known as much for its famous Super Bowl parties as it was for the publication itself, and we plan to revive that tradition at the Super Bowl this February with Moves events in Phoenix as well as in Las Vegas.

What sorts of clients would be best served by coverage in Moves? What do we know about its readership?

The readership is primarily male, high net worth, working in the sports, entertainment or luxury lifestyle industries in some capacity. Moves is structured to provide content integration, advertising, co-branded event and promotional campaign opportunities to brands across a broad range of categories from automotive and luxury travel to footwear, spirits, etc.

What kinds of content should these clients develop?

Anything connected with a celebrity, a star athlete or an exclusive event is always powerful as viral content. Our mission is to give the reader behind-the-scenes access and a look behind the curtain at the lives of star athletes and performers, so think Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous revisted.

How does the pitching process work?

Agencies and reps can contact our editor-in-chief Kelli Fabian via email (kelli@movesmagazine.com). We prefer feature-style content that gives the reader some sort of insider’s access, as opposed to promotions or launch announcements. We’re also interested in hearing from journalists and freelancers with creative story ideas.

How does F/W/V work with Moves?

As I am an equity partner with Jay Levy and Kelly Fabian; each of us decided to take on a functional role in managing the media company that fit with our professional backgrounds and interests. We are also providing PR and social media services to the media company.

I have no tolerance for lazy journalism or arm-chair commentary. We want well-researched, entertaining and thoughtful stories that our readers are unlikely to find anywhere else.

How does the property live online?

Movesmagazine.com and MovesTV on YouTube are the primary platforms. We will be aggressively developing our video content to evolve the brand as a broadcast quality outlet with correspondents covering celebrity news and events, as well as a variety of behind-the-scenes luxury lifestyle content.

Our focus at present is to progress through our three-month soft launch and officially launch Movesmagazine.com at the Super Bowl in February.

What role does the events service play in this equation?

Moves will be actively developing brand-friendly events designed to generate content for the website and for our partners…wherever the cultures of sports, entertainment, luxury lifestyle and celebrity intersect, Moves will be a part of it in some respect.

We encourage anyone in the brand marketing world to get in touch with us to find out how they can leverage a relationship with the magazine.

What do we think, readers?