Fusion PR Group Aims For App Market; Offers $750 Monthly Retainer

There are millions of mobile applications out there, and getting good press is often key to helping different apps stand out from the masses. However, many mobile app developers don’t have a large budget for PR. That is Fusion Group PR’s pitch, as the agency is aggressively courting the mobile applications industry.

The agency announced a new pricing model for application developers today with prices as low as $750 a month for a “basic media outreach program.”

“We recognize that many of these companies often cannot afford traditional PR retainers, yet PR services are critical for each product launch. The mobile apps marketplace is crowded, so developers need help attracting users via press coverage and social media,” said James Little, co-founder, Fusion PR Group in a statement.

It’s questionable what an agency can do for an application with that small of a PR budget. However, Fusion PR Group does have experience in the space, having worked with EA Mobile, AOL Games and Yahoo! Games.

[Editor’s note: Fusion PR Group is a separate agency from Fusion PR.]

[Image via Techpin]