Fusion Launches New Instagram Series ‘In Our Lifetime’

Fusion is creating original, native content for platforms. This month, they launched 'In Our Lifetime,' an Instagram-specific series.



While many news organizations and brands repackage content for social media, Fusion is among those getting into the business of platform-specific content. This month, Fusion launched a new Instagram series called “In Our Lifetime.” The series focuses on issues like elephants going extinct or computer-powered cars: the things we’re going to have to deal with in the future, basically.

Fusion’s director of social media Margarita Noriega told SocialTimes via email, “Why not check the latest ‘In Our Lifetime’ before going to a museum or dinner party? It might change the way you approach conversation.”

Here’s more from our chat:

ST: How did the series come about and what are your goals for it?
MN: The series came about as a collaborative idea shaped by Fusion’s digital voices editor Anna Holmes and video journalist Adam Westbrook. Adam is known for his infinite knowledge about history, and we wanted to bring that incredible context into a shareable platform like Instagram. The goal is to provide moments for Fusion’s young, savvy audience to learn something new, to explore their world and to share ideas. It is truly “social” media.

ST: How does it fit into your current social strategy? Why Instagram specifically?
MN: Fusion’s social media strategy is to inform, delight and provoke millennials. Instagram is a visually focused platform that, while being the headquarters of the photography world on social media, can also be used to inform. Between Adam and Elisa Rodriguez-Vila (Fusion’s Instagram manager), we’re lucky to have a gorgeous presentation to some very fun (and sometimes scary) facts about the world.

The audience for Instagram skews towards higher-earning households, visually-focused learners, those who enjoy travel and experiential art, and those under 25. This demographic happens to align well with Fusion’s general demographics across all social media. As other demographics change across networks, so does the manner in which we approach those audiences

At the end of the day, though, it’s all Fusion, and it’s very important to me that we strike an inviting tone — that we recognize our audience’s intelligence. Millennials don’t need to be told how to think. They are their own experts. As you can see, “In Our Lifetime” is a conversation starter. It gives you facts that we want you to carry with you, like you carry your phone.

ST: We recently wrote about how news orgs are using messaging services. Do you have plans to keep trying new things you can talk about?
MN: I’m enthusiastic about expanding Fusion’s introduction to new audiences across many platforms, and Snapchat is a tool many of our staff personally use, enjoy and recognize for its impressive growth and potential for Fusion.

Next up for Fusion specifically? Pinterest, a project I’m excited to get started this fall… The fun part about publishing uniquely for platforms is that you have such a more intimate result with your audience, and the feedback is immediate. We’ve seen lots of love for “In Our Lifetime.”


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[Editor’s Note: This interview has been lightly edited]